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Batman: The Dark Knight How do I Watch this Movie?

Batman: The Dark Knight: Batman: The Dark Knight: Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent are forced to deal with the chaos unleashed by an anarchist mastermind known only as the Joker, as it drives each of them to their limits.

Watch Batman: The Dark Knight online free

9.5/10 (4 votes)
Released: July 18, 2008
Runtime: 152 mins
Genres: Action , Thriller , Crime
Countries: USA UK
Director: Christopher Nolan
Views: 46875 (4 votes)
Actors: Aaron Eckhart Amit Shah Andrew Bicknell Anthony Michael Hall Ariyon Bakare Beatrice Rosen Bill Ibrahim Bronson Webb Bruce Allen Dawson Charles Venn Chris Wilson Christian Bale Chuen Tsou Cillian Murphy Colin McFarlane Dan Latham Daniel Jefferson Danny Goldring David William James Elliott Debbi Burns Don Kress Doug Ballard Edison Chen Eric Roberts Erik A Williams Ernest Pierce Gary Oldman Gene Fojtik Heath Ledger Henry Sandifer James Mellor January Stern Jason Frederick John Snowden John Thurner John Turk John Warman Jonathan Ryland Jordon Hodges Joseph Lazicki Joseph Luis Caballero Joseph Mazurk Joshua Harto K Todd Freeman Keith Kupferer Keith Szarabajka Kelli Clevenger Libby Regnier Lisa McAllister Lisa Wolf Maggie Gyllenhaal Martin Ballantyne Matt Rippy Matthew Leitch Melinda McGraw Michael Caine Michael Jai White Michael Kuster Michael Stoyanov Michael Vieau

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Play Now HD Sponsor 12874 views
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Version 1 HD Sponsor 12874 views
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Version 3 11484 views
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Version 4 8169 views
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Version 11 20946 views
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Version 12 5656 views
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Version 13 7723 views
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Version 14 8347 views
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Version 15 7511 views
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Version 16 3193 views
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Version 17 9439 views
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Version 18 9522 views
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Version 19 9065 views
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Version HD Sponsor 15603 views
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Version HD Sponsor 15603 views
  • Currently 5.00/5
(1 votes)
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